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Thank you for the last shipment. They were wonderful. My friends and I very much enjoyed the experience. Must have more!!

Oliver, Quebec

Hi, well I was extremely impressed. I had 4 capsules last night and had a very moving experience here in Oshawa. Quite good..thanks for being out there guys. I'll be back for more...for when we need another vacation trip to live, not live to trip. Thanks!

Owen, Oshawa

Your Magic Mushroom caps are excellent... I am very very happy to have found your site!

Jennifer, Ontario

I like your shrooms. They are fast-acting and make a very vibrant and colourful experience. Much better I suppose before they break the veil and I suppose you dry them quick and get them out fresh... So, I really like your product as it gives good vibes. Many Thanks...

Ben, Ottawa

Now I know why so many people love them. If you don't tell anyone you took them no one knows... unlike grass there is no smell, just feeling great. I'll be ordering again real soon. The best part was I didn't feel drunk!

Lucas, Montreal

Great services and products! Great job guys!

Kelly, Vancouver

I consider myself quite the geek when it comes to these things. I’ve watched and read as many things related to microdosing and psilocybin. I finally decided to order and am i happy i did! I wasn’t at tip top mental shape on day 1 when i tried this and within 1 hr, i felt the effects and i could feel so much more at peace and calm. Negative thoughts weren’t present anymore. I took it 1 day on and 2 days off. This is seriously a game changer. Thank you guys for providing our community with such quality products. I hope more people learn about you guys! Thank you Buy Mushrooms Canada!