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Buy Mushrooms Canada is Canada’s No. 1 Online
Shroom Dispensary

We are the #1 online resource for everything mushroom related in Canada. Our growing inventory has everything from seriously fresh magic mushrooms and the best microdoses of psilocybe mushrooms.

Our magic mushroom products (psilocybe cubensis) are all-natural and are of the best quality found today, no chemicals are used in the production process which results in a much healthier experience. We aim to provide easy access for people who wish to use microdosing as part of their everyday lives, be it ceremoniously or for pure enjoyment.

We believe that mushroom is one of the most precious gifts of God to mankind. It has allowed people to view the world in its true light and we hope that you use it with an open heart and a spiritual mind.

Find high-quality shrooms from Buy Mushrooms Canada and have them delivered to your doorstep discreetly.

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Buy Mushrooms Safely Online in Canada

We pride ourselves as the number one platform for mushrooms purchase in Canada. We retail the best strains of magic mushrooms, microdoses, and edibles. Here at Buy Mushrooms Canada, you can buy the finest Golden Teachers, B+, Big Mex, Golden Emperor, Cambodian Cubensis, Amazonian Cubenses, Penis Envy, Transkei, Microdose Pills, and Chocolate Edibles.




Take a Trip and Experience the Magical Powers of Shrooms

Buy Mushrooms Canada offers the inferior imitational herbal product now being widely sold containing combinations of various herbs designed to imitate real Psilocybin. Here at Buy Mushrooms Canada, we provide the real, potent thing. Our psilocybin mushrooms are a safe psychedelic stimulant and euphoriant with enjoyable effects that last for 4-8 hours depending on the user.


What Does It Mean To

Microdosing means consuming small amounts of magic mushrooms that are not enough to get you very high or hallucinating, but still potent enough to make you feel more connected with the earth and have bursts of creativity.


Can Psilocybin Mushrooms
Harm You?

While some people report mild headaches or having a bad trip after consuming certain species of shrooms, our team will help you figure out which dose you can go for and the best methods of consumption for you. There is simply nothing quite like using the appropriate mushrooms for you. If you want the finest mushrooms strain, you’ll find them here!


Is The World Beginning To Accept Magic Mushrooms?

Governments all over the world are beginning to realize the amazing health and therapeutic benefits of magic mushrooms and smart entrepreneurs have started investing in psychedelics. Denver and Oakland voted to decriminalize these miracle fungi in 2019 and Oregon is planning to legalize it this year.

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